OceanGate Press Release

First Manned Titanic Expedition in 14 Years will Preserve History

Titanic dive veterans and expedition experts join OceanGate Expeditions 2019 missions

Everett, WA - March 20, 2019 — OCEANGATE EXPEDITIONS has assembled a cadre of Titanic experts and medical professionals, including Rory Golden, David Concannon, Corey Jaskolski and Dr. Marc Y. Burdick, that will participate in select missions and join adventurous citizen explorers on its expedition to the RMS Titanic.

It has been 14 years since the last manned submersible visited the Titanic, making the OceanGate 2019 Titanic Survey Expedition even more momentous. OceanGate’s Titan, the world’s only 5-person deep water submersible will transport Titanic expedition experts and researchers along with citizen explorers, known as Mission Specialists, on a deep-sea adventure. Each of the six 10-day missions will give up to nine citizen explorers a once in a lifetime experience.

Alongside a team of experts, the Mission Specialists serve hands-on roles in documenting the important historical site that lies 3800 meters below the ocean’s surface. This expedition will be the first to capture laser scans and 4K video that will be combined with high-resolution images to create a photorealistic virtual 3-D model of the shipwreck.

The team of seasoned expedition professionals includes:
  • Two-time veteran Titanic diver, Rory Golden, who also took part in recovering the Apollo F-1 moon rocket engines from 4200 meters beneath the sea.
  • Titanic diving veteran and explorer, David Concannon, who has participated in three previous Titanic expeditions, led the last expedition to explore the Titanic with manned submersibles and has made four dives to the historic site.
  • Chief of Emergency Services and Medical Director, explorer, expedition physician and 20-year veteran diver, Dr. Marc Y. Burdick.
  • Engineer, inventor, National Geographic Fellow and veteran Titanic explorer, Corey Jaskolski, who has pioneered advanced 3-D scanning technology to capture important cultural and natural sites.
I’m proud to have such a seasoned team of expedition, diving, technical and medical professionals joining our crew,says Stockton Rush, CEO, OceanGate.They each bring a wealth of expedition experience and knowledge that will better ensure the safety of the team and the success of the expedition. The Mission Specialists, who are vital to our multi-year exploration, research and digital preservation effort, will have the unique opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of previous Titanic expeditions, as well as a host of other adventures from this team. Together, we will be making memories to last a lifetime, while building a legacy that will document this historical site for generations to come,continues Rush.
There’s nothing like being deep below the ocean’s surface. There are very few places in our world that remain unexplored. You see creatures and sights only a few people in the entire world have seen,”says David Concannon.The Titanic site is difficult to describe. Seeing it with your own eyes is awe-inspiring and stimulates serious soul-searching. I’m honored to be a part of this important archival survey of the Titanic,concludes Concannon.
Having been an expedition physician onboard ships voyaging to some of the most remote parts of the world, and a long-time emergency physician, I’m versed in planning for every eventuality and I’m dedicated to ensuring the comfort and safety of our Mission Specialists and crew,says Dr. Marc Y. Burdick, Chief of Emergency Services and Medical Director, Swedish Ballard Emergency Department.I am thrilled to be part of the expedition, and I’m very impressed with OceanGate’s commitment to safety first, and providing outstanding medical care, equipment and logistics for everyone participating in the expedition,continues Dr. Burdick.

The OceanGate Titanic Survey Expedition has been years in the making. As a result, the 2019 season is nearly fully booked with only a few remaining spaces available for mission specialists. The company is accepting applications for 2020.

To learn more the OceanGate Titanic Survey Expeditions, visit www.titanicsurveyexpedition.com