OceanGate Press Release

Adventurous Citizen Explorers Quickly Book 2019 Titanic Missions

OceanGate opens 2020 bookings, adds companion option and announces mission fee change

Everett, WA - January 27, 2019 — Citizen explorers seeking an adventurous, scientific and meaningful experience are rapidly booking 2019 once-in-a-lifetime missions to the RMS Titanic in the OceanGate submersible, Titan.

The 10-day missions to the Titanic, resting at more than 3800 meters (~12,500 feet) below the ocean surface, are a unique journey that fewer than 200 people in the world have ever done.

People are seeking meaningful adventure experiences and they want to make a difference,shared Stockton Rush, CEO, OceanGate.It's a travesty to just go, look and come back up. Our expedition allows Mission Specialists to explore as part of a team that is doing something incredibly rare and valuable, and also play an active role on the sub and ship throughout the mission.

During the six-week expedition, the company plans to collect the first ever 4K resolution images and video of the wreck site and debris field while simultaneously capturing laser data to create the first ever 3D virtual model of the historic wreck.

We couldn’t do the survey work we are doing without the support of the Mission Specialists,said Mark Bauman, CEO, Virtual Wonders.There is speculation that the shipwreck is experiencing an accelerating rate of decay, but without current data scientists don’t really know. The expedition will allow us to create a high-definition 3D model so scientists can better predict how long the wreck will be there.

The less adventurous companions of Mission Specialists, can now join the expeditionary trips minus the deep dive experience to the Titanic. Companions get to join at 50% of the Mission Specialist expedition support fee. Companion spaces are extremely limited, and booking early is encouraged. During the 10-day missions, companions may participate in the other trip activities. With only a few openings remaining in the 2019 expedition season, OceanGate also began taking bookings for the 2020 season.

The company further announced that beginning February 15, 2019, the mission support fee to participate in the Titanic Survey Expedition will change from $105,129 to $125,000. Those booking before the price change will be able to lock in the original mission support fee.

The 2019 missions mark the first manned exploration of the world’s most iconic shipwreck since 2005. The missions run June through August. To learn more and apply to become a Mission Specialist, visit www.titanicsurveyexpedition.com

About Titanic Survey Expedition

The Titanic Survey Expedition departs from St. John’s, Newfoundland in late June 2019 with scientists, content experts, and up to nine Mission Specialists joining the crew on each of the six 10-day missions. This multidisciplinary team will collect the first ever 4K resolution images and video of the historic site while simultaneously capturing laser data to create the first ever 3D virtual model of the historic wreck.

Mission Specialists are full participants in this expedition and actively support the team in roles such as dive communications, navigation and tracking, photography and image analysis, scientific data collection, and more that provide real value to the expedition. The Mission Specialist fee includes all meals during the 10-day mission, lodging for one night in St. John’s, Newfoundland, a private stateroom aboard the expedition ship, one submersible dive to the site of the RMS Titanic, role training and coaching, and the opportunity to explore side-by-side with scientists and content experts throughout the expedition. Visit www.titanicsurveyexpedition.com

About OceanGate

OceanGate is making private deep-sea exploration possible for commercial, scientific and exploration travel expeditions. Founded in Everett, Washington in 2009, the company provides manned submersible services to reach ocean depths previously unavailable to most individuals and organizations. OceanGate currently owns and operates three 5-person submersibles that provide deep-sea access for site survey, scientific research, film production, and travel. Visit www.oceangate.com