January 2020 Newsletter

Immerse yourself in Citizen Science

OceanGate is fortunate to be headquartered in the Puget Sound Region where there is such a unique and complex underwater environment. To help better understand our local waters, we are inviting citizen scientists to become Mission Specialists and join a manned submersible dive in Possession Sound. Exploring an area where fresh and saltwater mix near the Snohomish River Estuary offers the opportunity to…

December 2019 Newsletter

Doubling Down on Innovation: Development of Cyclops 3 & 4

After experiencing an increase in demand for not only our Titanic Survey Expeditions, but also deep-sea research, environmental supervision of deep-sea mining, and select industrial and military projects, we are pleased to announce that our engineering team has commenced planning for the next two Cyclops-class subs (Cyclops 3 and Cyclops 4) which are targeted to be rated for depths beyond…