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Can You Build a Carbon Fiber Adventure Sub From Home?
April 22, 2020

We recently explored how numerous companies across nearly every industry had already been embracing a more flexible working environment well before the circumstances of COVID-19.…

OceanGate and NASA are teaming up to build better carbon-fiber pressure vessels
February 26, 2020

Everett, Wash.-based OceanGate says it’s forged an agreement with NASA to support the development of carbon-fiber pressure vessels that could handle the crushing demands of deep-sea exploration — as well as the strains encountered in the vacuum of space…

OceanGate gets set for undersea trips to the ‘Grand Canyon of the Ocean’ in August
February 11, 2020

Everett, Wash.-based OceanGate is signing up citizen explorers for a series of deep-sea submersible dives in the Hudson Canyon, a channel off the coast of New York City that the company calls “the Grand Canyon of the Ocean.”…

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OceanGate Selects Toray Composite Materials America as the Preferred Provider of Prepreg Carbon Fiber for Deep-Sea Submersible Hull
The material selection comes following the announcement that OceanGate and NASA have entered into an agreement to collaborate on the development, manufacturing and testing of new carbon fiber pressure vessels.
NASA and OceanGate Enter into an Agreement to Collaborate in the Development, Manufacturing and Testing of New Carbor Fiber Pressure Vessels
The resulting pressure vessel will be used for the deep-sea submersibles.
February 26, 2020


OceanGate To Build Two New Submersibles For Deep Ocean Exploration, Research and Commercial Operations To Titanic Depths and Beyond

Everett, WA - October 29, 2019 — OCEANGATE TODAY ANNOUNCED PLANS TO BUILD TWO ADDITIONAL SUBMERSIBLES using its innovative carbon fiber and titanium design to meet increasing expeditionary, research and commercial demand for deep-sea manned submersibles. OceanGate has begun the construction planning for the next two Cyclops-class subs …

Oceangate Names Dan Scoville Director of Systems Integration and Marine Operations

Everett, WA - May 9, 2019 — OceanGate Inc, a provider of manned submersible services has hired veteran subsea engineer, Dan Scoville, to join their team as Director of Systems Integration and Marine Operations …

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Possession Sound Shark Research: What is it like to be a Mission Specialist? “Phenomenal,” says Cathy Lamet
By: Mikayla Monroe
October 11, 2019

If you’ve checked out our new OceanGate Expeditions website, you may have found yourself on the “How to Join” tab. Maybe you’re drawn for the sake of research, site inspection, film, or simply the adventure.…

Possession Sound Shark Research: Dives 13-15 Updates
By: Mikayla Monroe
September 26, 2019

Dive 13 featured the owner of Bluewater Distilling and friend to OceanGate, John Lundin! We enjoy many meals at his restaurant and were happy to show appreciation of our local collaborative relationship…

Possession Sound Shark Research: Dive 12 Update
By: Mikayla Monroe
August 27, 2019

Today’s dive featured two guests from GeekWire: Alan Boyle, Aerospace and Science Editor, and Kevin Lisota, a Photojournalist who recently returned from photographing bears in Russia. Tyler Coleman, a local biologist, also joined us to verify species we were seeing. Here’s a link to Alan’s overview of the day…


A Virtual Deep Dive Into History
OceanGate Newsletter
April 2020

Join OceanGate CEO, Stockton Rush as he hosts a panel of Titanic explorers and experts for a deep dive into the history of exploration and salvage of the world’s most revered shipwreck. Panelists include…

On the Design, Testing, and Manufacturing of Carbon Fiber Pressure Vessels
OceanGate Newsletter
March 2020

OceanGate is proud to announce that on February 22, 2020, we signed an agreement with NASA to develop a new generation of carbon fiber pressure vessels. NASA’s advanced composite manufacturing capability is ideally suited to meet the high…

Immerse yourself in Citizen Science
OceanGate Newsletter
Janurary 2020

OceanGate is fortunate to be headquartered in the Puget Sound Region where there is such a unique and complex underwater environment. To help better understand our local waters, we are inviting citizen scientists to become…

Doubling Down on Innovation:
Development of Cyclops 3 & 4
OceanGate Newsletter
December 2019

After experiencing an increase in demand for not only our Titanic Survey Expeditions, but also deep-sea research, environmental supervision of deep-sea mining, and select industrial and military projects, we are pleased to announce that…