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SeaDoc Society Partners with the OceanGate Foundation to Explore the Depths of the Salish Sea in a Manned Submersible
July 25, 2018

Everett, WA - July 25, 2018 — SeaDoc Society and the OceanGate Foundation have partnered in support of deep exploration and research in the Salish Sea. In September 2018 three teams of researchers will dive to depths as great as 200 meters (650 feet) in Cyclops 1

World's Largest Carbon Fiber Manned Submersible Hull Proven to 4000 Meters
June 27, 2018

Everett, WA - June 27, 2018 — OceanGate announces successful unmanned depth test of the manned submersible, Titan, to validate the hull to a depth of 4,000 meters (13,123 feet). …

OceanGate and Virtual Wonders Join Forces to Create Photorealistic 3D Interactive Experiences of the RMS Titanic
May 24, 2018

Everett, WA - May 24, 2018 — OceanGate Inc., a provider of manned submersible services, has formed an exclusive partnership with Virtual Wonders, a leader in 3D data and virtual reality media production. To digitally preserve the historic wreck site, Virtual Wonders will use data captured during the 2019 Titanic Survey Expedition …

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Why Isn't Titan Classed?
February 21, 2019

Most major marine operators require that chartered vessels are “classed” by an independent group such as the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), DNV/GL, Lloyd’s Register, or one of the many others. …

Stockton Rush Completes Titan's 4000 Meter Manned Validation Dive
December 10, 2018

OceanGate is thrilled to announce that CEO and Founder, Stockton Rush, completed Titan's 4000 meter validation dive. Not only did this dive completely validate OceanGate's innovative engineering and the construction of Titan's

Titan Bahamas Deep Dive Test
June 27, 2018

The OceanGate team has achieved a major milestone, and a world first. Yesterday, our engineering and operations teams successfully tested Titan to her design depth of 4000 meters (13,123 feet) …

Titan Bahamas Deep Dive Test
June 4, 2018

Our decision to reschedule the Titanic Survey Expedition to 2019 hasn’t slowed the OceanGate Operations …