Image of sixgill shark

Possession Sound Shark Dives

Deep within the waters of the Puget Sound lurk several shark species, most notably Sixgills (Hexanchus griseus), whose features are more similar to their prehistoric ancestors than their modern-day dogfish and Greenland shark relatives. OceanGate, along with participating researchers from NOAA and the University of Washington, is conducting a series of research dives to depths up to 115 meters in Possession Sound, in an effort to establish a baseline understanding of the area’s local shark population demographics.

Mission Objectives:

  • Establish a baseline understanding of the local shark population demographics.
  • Use laser scalers to measure the size of sharks.
  • Bonus Study: Observe and capture footage of Yelloweye Rockfish –a threatened species that can live up to 118 years.


The team will bait for sharks and rockfish using salmon and halibut carcasses. Bait will be distributed Monday through Friday for the duration of the mission.

Want to get involved?

Contact the OceanGate team at +1 425.595.5017 or info@oceangate *

To view the flyer in pdf format, click here.