Phil Brooks

Phil Brooks

Director of Engineering

As Director of Engineering, Phil Brooks is responsible for all engineering of OceanGate’s innovative fleet of manned submersibles. Phil has made major contributions to OceanGate’s flagship submersible, Titan, developing several techniques for Acoustic Emission Monitoring of its carbon fiber hull. Brooks has also developed the navigation, communication, and propulsion systems for Titan and Cyclops.

Prior to OceanGate, Brooks worked as a software and hardware engineer for Microsoft, Intel, Siemens, and other tech companies.

His primary industry experience has been in the field of medical systems and medical imaging. While at Resonex, Brooks co-authored the patent for MRI Kinematic Imaging. He has several other patents in display driver technology. Phil also developed the Natus Cerebral Function Monitor, CFM 6000, a system for monitoring brain activity.

Brooks holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Seattle Pacific University.