Doug Gorder

Doug Gorder

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer of OceanGate Inc., Doug Gorder is responsible for managing all financial aspects of the company, as well as working with the leadership team to develop strategic objectives, and execute them to achieve the company’s mission.

Doug is a growth strategist and CFO/COO for emerging tech companies, working to create and execute go-to-market strategies, build distribution channels, form or augment management teams, raise capital, and complete successful exits. He has raised over $85 million in venture and angel financing for a dozen companies.

Previously, he was a co-founder and COO for Vigilos, an enterprise software company providing physical security management tools to the U.S. Navy, FBI, and numerous commercial and financial enterprises. He was also a co-founder and CFO/VP Operations for The Cobalt Group, which serves the automotive industry, completed an IPO in 1999 and was acquired in 2010 by ADP for $400 million.

Doug’s 30 years of experience include managing finance, business development, and operations for large and small companies such as IBM, US WEST, Aldus Corporation, The Cobalt Group, and Vigilos. He has valuable and relevant experiences in mergers and acquisitions, strategy development, strategic business development, capital formation, partnership and channel formation and international expansion.

Doug obtained a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Washington State University and an MBA in Finance and MIS from the University of Washington.