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Manned submersibles for commercial projects, scientific research, and exploration travel

Through innovative design and construction of a new generation of manned submersibles and launch systems OceanGate is providing more opportunities for human exploration of the deep ocean to depths of 4000 meters.
OceanGate was founded in 2009 as a privately-owned company with a mission to expand access to the deep ocean through accessible, state-of-the-art, privately-owned submersibles. OceanGate is an industry leader in the safe operation of subsea vessels for shallow and deep-water exploration for commercial, scientific, military and exploration travel projects.

OceanGate Provides Manned Submersible Services For:

Possession Sound Shark Research Dive

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Titanic Survey Expedition

Expedition Delay Update:

Due to a last-minute vessel withdrawal by the expedition ship operator, we regret that we are unable to conduct the Titanic Survey Expedition this year.