Film and Media Production

OceanGate provides stable, manned submersible platforms for underwater media production in the film and television industries. Over the last four years, OceanGate has conducted submersible expeditions to locations in the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean. From film and photography footage to sonar digital imagery, OceanGate submersibles offer a diversified set of capabilities for visual production. Our extensive experience enables us to coordinate expeditions using mobile underwater platforms that allow media and content producers to reach targets well beyond diver depth. Whether the subject matter is for documentary, entertainment, feature, news or other creative content needs, OceanGate offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions.

Correspondant Chip Reid aboard Antipodes reporting at the scene of a WWII aircraft sunk near Miami, Florida.

Along with submersible assets for securing live footage, OceanGate has an extensive library of underwater HD video, film, photo, and sonar images for use in postproduction imagery. This amazing vault of material is available in a variety of formats and is ready to augment any new footage gathered on expedition.

More than just a filming platform and content provider, OceanGate is also an engineering and production partner. Our team of engineers specializes in designing solutions to help producers, photographers, and videographers get the exact shot or sequence necessary to complete a project. OceanGate has routinely designed customized camera mountings to get specific footage, has programmed our 3D sonar in innovative ways for specific results, and has taken clients to exotic, ecologically significant destinations without the complications associated with mission-limiting surface support vessels or large expensive tethers.

Underwater Media Production Benefits:
  • 3, 4, or 5 crew capacity to allow for onsite collaboration
  • Internal space to hold equipment and gear
  • Diverse HD image content library
  • Mobile, cost-effective and efficient solutions
  • Environmentally sensitive

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Our Subs Are Used For:

Site Survey and Inspection 

Conduct continuous and extensive site surveys to inspect underwater infrastructure, wrecks or sensitive environmental habitats without resurfacing.

Research and Data Collection 

Collect research data in real-time with first-hand views, onboard collaboration and the flexibility to modify your mission profile while still on site.

Film and Media Production 

The ultimate stage to film the treasures of the deep in a highly adaptive vessel designed to illuminate the depths, capture vibrant images and document natural habitat.

Deep Sea Testing 

A unique underwater testing platform to conduct a wide array of experiments to test equipment or expedite sensitive research in deep ocean environments.