Deep Sea Testing Platform

Manned submersibles provide a unique underwater platform to conduct a wide array of experiments to test equipment or expedite sensitive research in deep ocean environments. A manned submersible serves as an excellent vehicle to integrate and test next-generation equipment or tools for application and use underwater.

Scientific experimentation and deep ocean research requires robust, secure, yet adaptive platforms to conduct many different types of tests and experiments.

Potential applications and testing scenarios:

  • Pressure sensitive tolerance and structural integrity
  • Materials analysis, degradation, electrolysis and corrosion
  • Water column collection, sampling
  • Testing of low-light and wavelength-specific equipment for photosynthesis and bioluminescence studies
  • Collection of biomedical or pharmaceutical relevant species
  • Soil sampling, extraction and collection
  • 2D and 3D sonar and acoustic testing

Since 2010, OceanGate has used a number of manned submersibles to assist with the development and testing of new sonar, guidance and imaging systems. By allowing untethered and easily controlled motion, manned submersibles offer a unique platform to test many new autonomous vehicle systems.

Some systems that are too large or too power intensive to be tested on existing AUVs can limit testing options and may force a program to wait for the full vehicle to be competed before they can gain real world data.

However, by placing sonar, guidance or camera systems on a manned submersible, where an engineer can be inside the vehicle and can adjust test profiles and even rewrite software on the fly, a program can rapidly advance system development and reduce development costs. This development paradigm is similar to that used in aviation where engines and avionics are often tested on a vehicle completely different from the ultimate intended aircraft.

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Our Subs Are Used For:

Site Survey and Inspection 

Conduct continuous and extensive site surveys to inspect underwater infrastructure, wrecks or sensitive environmental habitats without resurfacing.

Research and Data Collection 

Collect research data in real-time with first-hand views, onboard collaboration and the flexibility to modify your mission profile while still on site.

Film and Media Production 

The ultimate stage to film the treasures of the deep in a highly adaptive vessel designed to illuminate the depths, capture vibrant images and document natural habitat.

Deep Sea Testing 

A unique underwater testing platform to conduct a wide array of experiments to test equipment or expedite sensitive research in deep ocean environments.