Titan 4000m Validation Dive

Stockton Rush Completes Titan's 4000 Meter Manned Validation Dive.

OceanGate is thrilled to announce that CEO and Founder, Stockton Rush, completed Titan's 4000 meter validation dive. Not only did this dive completely validate OceanGate's innovative engineering and the construction of Titan’s carbon fiber and titanium hull, it also means that all systems are GO for the 2019 Titanic Survey Expedition – the world’s deepest adventure – scheduled to begin next summer.

Rush joins James Cameron as only the second person in history to complete a solo dive to this depth.

A series of deep manned dives were conducted in the Bahamas from July into December and followed a methodical approach to validate the sub at specific depths. The first manned dive to 4,000 meters took place on Monday, December 10, 2018 approximately 12 miles east of Little Harbour on Great Abaco Island. It took Stockton over seven hours to complete the record-breaking dive which included multiple pauses during the descent to assess the integrity of the hull on OceanGate’s patent-pending Real Time Monitoring system (RTM) that monitors acoustic emissions from the carbon fiber structure.

As Stockton emerged from Titan, he thanked the OceanGate team and beamed as he said, “One big step for OceanGate, one huge leap for ocean exploration”.

Titan is sure to usher in a new era of exploration by providing access to 50% of the ocean for direct human observation.

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Titan prepares to descend.

Titan commences its descent to 4000m.

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