Manned Submersible Technology

Deep Water Submersible Technology Adaptation, Integration and Commercialization

OceanGate’s application of deepwater submersible technology, engineering and software from other industries enhances the types of submersible solutions developed for our clients. All of our submersible vehicles and assets are configured to capitalize on our engineering team’s ability to adapt, integrate and develop hardware, software, and equipment from other industries and apply them to oceanographic programs. OceanGate can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of subsea missions by optimizing the right resources for each engagement. The result is a robust offering of solutions that can be tailored, containerized and deployed anywhere in the world. These efficiencies are especially important in the areas of safety management, pollution control and spill response, environmental hazard surveys and assessments. OceanGate places a high value on our engineering capabilities to achieve the following goals:

  • Adaptation of commercial off the shelf (COTS) technology when available to save clients time and money
  • Integration of software, equipment and technology onto our proven submersible platforms as required for each client mission
  • Innovation through strategic partnerships to create new solutions for the evolving subsea market

Cyclops class submersible technology includes:

  • Control spheres to house sensors and controllers outside the pressure hull to reduce the number and size of required hull penetrations
  • New hydrodynamic components designed to maximize the submersible's in-water speed and maneuverability
  • Remodeled interior seating and instrument layout to enhance the client experience and increase productivity

Our Subs Are Used For:

Site Survey and Inspection 

Conduct continuous and extensive site surveys to inspect underwater infrastructure, wrecks or sensitive environmental habitats without resurfacing.

Research and Data Collection 

Collect research data in real-time with first-hand views, onboard collaboration and the flexibility to modify your mission profile while still on site.

Film and Media Production 

The ultimate stage to film the treasures of the deep in a highly adaptive vessel designed to illuminate the depths, capture vibrant images and document natural habitat.

Deep Sea Testing 

A unique underwater testing platform to conduct a wide array of experiments to test equipment or expedite sensitive research in deep ocean environments.