Since 2009, the team at OceanGate have strived to develop the most powerful subsea manned submersibles in the market. With the goal of revolutionizing deep-sea exploration, our team of professionals bring expertise covering a wide range of disciplines. From marine engineering to scientific data collection and sampling, we have a handle on developing customizable, safe and quality submersibles.

As OceanGate continues to grow, providing underwater vehicles to many sizeable clients, we use Smartsheet to manage the planning, development and deployment of submersible assets, and to remain competitive within the market.

“With Smartsheet, we have the ability to present to a large company in a familiar, concise way that is updated regularly. Smartsheet is a key competitive advantage for us,” explained Stockton Rush, CEO.

Collaboration Helps to Stay Competitive

Development of subsea manned submersibles is complex. Not only does it involve design and construction of the vehicles, but also the safety and regulatory aspects of sending humans to remote reaches of the deep-sea. With the extremely involved nature of these projects, it is essential that all stakeholders, from vendors to clients, trust that the process is managed as accurately as possible.

Upon discovering the collaborative benefits of Smartsheet, it was evident that we had found a tool that would help ensure that every project is completed in a way that exceeds stakeholder expectations.

OceanGate uses Smartsheet as their project management tool for three main reasons:
  • Ease of Use: When completing design reviews and analysis of the submersibles, the familiarity of the spreadsheet interface along with the Gantt chart feature, allows the team to provide transparent visibility to large clients, without any training needed.
  • Real-time Information: With multiple stakeholders actively involved on each project, including vendors, OceanGate professionals and clients, it is important to have one location to find the most up-to-date information. Smartsheet allows team members to open a sheet and see the actual status of each project and task.
  • Remote Collaboration: As with any multifaceted project, communication among stakeholders is essential for its success. With such widespread contributors, the anytime, anywhere access to Smartsheet enables the appropriate parties to make updates to the project, no matter their location. Additionally, with the ability to attach documents to specific tasks, Smartsheet has become the central repository for all important documents.

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By using Smartsheet to coordinate OceanGate’s ambitious plans for building deep-sea submersibles that will enable researchers and passengers to explore 98 percent of the ocean, they’re saving time, improving communication, and getting to market as fast as possible. More ››

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Using Smartsheet to coordinate OceanGate’s inventive plans for building deep-sea submersibles and University of Washington’s Applied Physics Lab resources to turn the design prototypes into market-ready reality, they’re saving time, improving communication, and getting to market as fast as possible. More ››