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Titan, a Cyclops-Class submersible capable of reaching depths of up to 4,000 meters (13,124 feet).

Titan under tow to a dive location in Everett, WA.

OceanGate's Cyclops 1 (Left) and Titan (Right) submersibles.

Titan has two horizontal thrusters and two vertical thrusters.

Titan aboard launch platform before the test.

Titan under tow to the dive location in the Bahamas.

A storm rolling over Titan in the Bahamas.

Crew transferring Titan on to the platform.

Titan has a capacity of 5 persons (1 pilot + 4 crew).

Inside Titan.

Titan has the largest viewport of any deep diving submersible: 53 cm (21 in) diameter.

OceanGate crew prepares Titan for a dive test in Everett Marina.

Titan inside OceanGate's warehouse.

OceanGate crew installs Titan's aft dome.

Titan's carbon fiber hull: 12.7 cm (5 in) thick.