Salish Sea Survey Expedition Photo Gallery

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Cyclops under tow enroute to Salish Sea.

Cyclops arrives at Friday Harbor Labs.

University of Washington's R/V Centennial served as the expedition support vessel.

Cyclops tow out to the dive site.

Oceangate crew and the sand lance research team.

Matt Baker and Kresimir Williams conduct a final check of the stereo camera and strobe light prior to a dive.

Cyclops submerged moments before take off.

Cyclops launched off of the platform.

One of many spotted rat fish seen during the dive.

Front view of Cyclops with the 360 camera attached for the dive.

R/V Centennial tows Cyclops out to the dive site.

Members of the research team onboard the Centennial.

Research dive team enroute to Cyclops.

Seadoc Society's Science Director, Joe Gaydos boards Cyclops.

Long-nosed skate spotted on the seafloor.

Researchers Aaron Galloway and Alex Lowe pose for photo after their successful dive, documenting the deepest red urchin on record.

Transferring dive team and crew members to the platform.

Cyclops begins to submerge.

Red urchin on the sea floor.

Researcher Adam Summers' feeling of excitement after observing the deepest red urchin species ever recorded.

Operations crew prepares for the dive as researchers collaborate onboard Cyclops.

Cyclops reaches the dive site.

Seadoc Society and OceanGate Foundation host a community outreach event.

Towing Cyclops home after a successful dive.