Miami Expedition Gallery

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Erika Montague, OceanGate's Director of Science and Technology explores the F6F Hellcat aircraft near Miami.

Explorers Club Flag Expedition

OceanGate co-founders Guillermo Sohnlein (left) and Stockton Rush (center) with Explorers Club member Ross von Burg.

Grouper and lion fish near the wing of the F6F Hellcat.

The F6F Hellcat came to rest upside down on the sea floor.

2D sonar view of the F6F Hellcat

2D sonar view of the F6F Hellcat

Tail section of the F6F Hellcat

Top-down view of a 3D model of the F6F Hellcat

F6F Hellcat. Rectangle in middle of image is the fully extended right wing flap (aircraft is inverted on the sea floor)

Close up view of the right side landing gear retracted into the underside of the wing.

Propeller and front of fuselage with lion fish.

Tail section with lion fish.

Tail section with lion fish.

Lion fish.

Lion fish peers into Antipodes.

Lion fish on sea bed near the F6F Hellcat.

Lion fish and the left wing with tail section in the distance.



Sand formations on the sea bed likely created by ocean currents.

Sailboat discovered on the sea bed near Miami.