Cyclops 1 Photo Gallery

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Cyclops 1.

The Cyclops 1 crew performs a ballast test in the marina.

Cyclops 1 descends into Elliott Bay in Seattle with Mount Rainier in the background.

Cyclops 1.

Students from Seattle Central College pose with Cyclops 1 in Seattle.

Cyclops 1 crew views a bubble display while ascending to the surface.

Cyclops 1 crew get a view of the Gulf of Mexico from a depth of 457 meters.

Submersible crew boards Cyclops 1 on OceanGate's Launch and Recovery System (LARS).

One of the two control spheres that house Cyclops' electronics outside of the pressure hull.

Crew aboard Cyclops 1 prepare to lift off of LARS to begin a dive.

Submersible pilot performs a pre-dive check of life support and communication systems.

Cyclops' pilot uses 2D sonar images to safely navigate around submerged objects and shipwrecks.

Cyclops 1 aboard LARS submerged to a depth of about 5 meters.

LARS provides a stable underwater platform for Cyclops 1.

Cyclops crew prepares to lift off of LARS to begin a dive.

Cyclops 1 aboard LARS being towed to a dive location in the Gulf of Mexico.

Front view of Cyclops 1 aboard LARS.

The OceanGate operations team with Cyclops 1.

Cyclops 1 has two horizontal thrusters and two vertical thrusters.

Cyclops 1 lifts off of LARS to begin a dive to a depth of 457 meters.

Cyclops 1 begins a dive near the Seattle Aquarium.

Cyclops 1 is loaded onto LARS at the start of the Flower Garden Banks Expedition.