Neil McCurdy

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer of OceanGate, Inc., Neil McCurdy is responsible for ensuring operational excellence and positioning the company for future growth. He oversees strategic prioritization, resource alignment, and measurement and accountability across the company. He reports to the OceanGate Board of Directors and CEO Stockton Rush. One of his highest priorities is to coordinate operations and sales programs to reduce cost and increase profitability. Mr. McCurdy supervises all sales and sales infrastructure programs to help accelerate growth and increase revenue streams across multiple vertical markets.

Prior to OceanGate, Mr. McCurdy held top-level management positions with Grand Banks Yachts Ltd. (GBYL.SI), a Singapore-based international manufacturer of recreational marine vessels. He joined the company as Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Service, managing international sales and developing a new sales distribution and channel strategy for international markets. During this time, the company achieved record sales results exceeding USD$85 million for two consecutive years. Most Recently, he held the position of Vice President of Sales Administration and Service for Grand Banks, with executive-officer duties operating and administering the company’s worldwide distribution network, as well as profit-and-loss responsibilities for North American operations.

Before his tenure at Grand Banks, Mr. McCurdy was Vice President of Operations and General Manager of, the world’s largest online database of yachts for sale, with more than 100,000 listings in 86 countries. There, he was responsible for the executive management of business operations, directing sales, marketing, accounting, and site-engineering, as well as initiating new business development and strategic partnership programs. In less than two years, the company increased gross sales revenue from $600,000 to $2.8 million and acquired 80% of the North American yacht brokerage listings marketplace.

Mr. McCurdy received his BA in English and Communications in 1985, from the University of Puget Sound. He completed advanced coursework in English, History, Literature, and Business at the University of London. In 1998, he received a Management Certification from the Executive Management Program at the University of Washington's School of Business and Administration.