OceanGate Leadership

Stockton Rush

Chief Executive Officer

Stockton Rush is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of OceanGate Inc. As CEO, Rush is responsible for OceanGate’s financial and engineering leadership, shaping the company’s strategic direction with a clear vision focused on developing the next generation of manned submersible solutions for subsea operations in the commercial and defense sectors.

Bob Shuman

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer of OceanGate Inc., Bob Shuman is responsible for ensuring operational excellence and positioning the company for future growth. He oversees strategic prioritization, resource alignment, and measurement and accountability across the company.

Joel Perry

VP Marketing

As the VP Marketing, Joel Perry is responsible for all corporate communications, media relations and marketing programs for OceanGate. In this role, Joel develops expedition programs, manages strategic partner relations, and directs client outreach efforts.

Dan Scoville

Director of Systems Integration and Marine Operations

As Director of Systems Integration and Marine Operations for OceanGate Inc., Dan is responsible for all operational engineering for OceanGate’s active fleet of manned submersibles.

Tony Nissen

Director of Engineering

As Director of Engineering, Tony provides technical direction, oversight, and project management in the research and development, operation, design, and troubleshooting of all manned submersibles, their supporting machinery, launch and retrieval equipment, and required documentation and certification efforts.

Scott Griffith

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations for OceanGate, Inc., Scott is responsible for maintaining and operating all subsea, marine, and land based assets. He has served as the Mission Director on OceanGate expeditions in the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic Ocean.