Upcoming Events

OceanGate Inc. attends and conducts a variety of expedition and submersible ocean exploration industry events in support our clients, partners, and sponsors.

Event Date Location

Washington Maritime Federation

Presentation by Neil McCurdy: OceanGate - Manned Submersible Services For Industry, Research and Exploration

April 14 Everett, WA

The Composites Consortium: Spring Technical Meeting

Presentation by Stockton Rush: Deep Subsea Carbon Fiber and Titanium Human Occupied Pressure Vessel Development

April 19 San Diego, CA

Andrea Doria Survey Expedition

Scientific and technological survey of the iconic wreck of the Andrea Doria, an Italian flagged passenger liner that sank near Nantucket, Massachusetts after colliding with the Stockholm, a Swedish passenger vessel outbound from New York.

August 2017 Near Nantucket, MA

Titanic Survey Expedition

Manned submersible expedition to explore and survey the world's most famous shipwreck.

May - July, 2018 North Atlantic