David Lochridge

Director of Marine Operations

As Director of Marine Operations for OceanGate, Inc., David Lochridge is responsible for ensuring the safety of all crew and clients during submersible and surface operations, for maintaining and operating all marine assets, and for achieving the mission objectives during diverse and challenging submersible expeditions.

David has a diverse 25 year career in marine operations around the world as a manned submersible pilot, commercial diver, ROV pilot, and marine engineer.

Prior to OceanGate, David began his career as a marine engineer and ship’s diver in the Royal Navy. He is an expert in the field of submarine operations and submarine rescue including experience as a manned submersible pilot tasked with maintaining and operating the LR5 manned submersible under contract to the Royal Navy to perform rescues to depths of 400 meters, operating the DSAR6 on contract for the Singaporean Navy, and as lead submersible pilot for the refit and commissioning trials of URF MK11 manned submersible for the Royal Swedish Navy. David was also the chief sub pilot aboard M/Y Octopus and the submersible Pagoo.

As a commercial diver and ROV pilot, David has performed underwater construction, inspection and salvage on myriad projects including trenching, rock cutting, cable and chain inspection, and seabed cutting.

During his diverse international career, David has performed marine operations in Iran, Qatar, Sweden, South Pacific, Gibraltar, Singapore, Israel, West Africa, and the United States.