The OceanGate crew during the launch of Titan.

OceanGate Crew

Focused on safety, performance and client satisfaction

Our success is driven by the OceanGate crew and their commitment to client satisfaction — by operating safely, and responsibly executing all projects with excellence. Our people consistently care about the work they do for our clients and the communities in which they live and operate. Our corporate culture is built on an environment of innovation and collaboration.

We place a high priority on applying new technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. OceanGate’s manned submersible solutions are designed to access shallow and deepwater ocean environments for commercial, research and military initiatives. Through the rigorous application of our operational excellence and capital stewardship, along with our team’s focus on cost management systems, we provide our clients with an excellent return on investment.

Our employees and our corporate culture are focused on developing long-term relationships and delivering sustainable value for our clients.

  1. OceanGate crew of engineers, expedition leaders, and mission specialists work together to integrate lean enterprise concepts into cost effective expeditions, ensuring we consistently meet or exceed the deepwater diving objectives of our clients
  2. Every employee is focused on operational excellence. Business processes, measurements and performance goals are built into every submersible engagement.
  3. Employee expertise in engineering, project management and disciplined cost management delivers the best returns on time and resources for every client.

Our Subs Are Used For:

Site Survey and Inspection 

Conduct continuous and extensive site surveys to inspect underwater infrastructure, wrecks or sensitive environmental habitats without resurfacing.

Research and Data Collection 

Collect research data in real-time with first-hand views, onboard collaboration and the flexibility to modify your mission profile while still on site.

Film and Media Production 

The ultimate stage to film the treasures of the deep in a highly adaptive vessel designed to illuminate the depths, capture vibrant images and document natural habitat.

Deep Sea Testing 

A unique underwater testing platform to conduct a wide array of experiments to test equipment or expedite sensitive research in deep ocean environments.