OceanGate Inc. Completes Construction of 4000 Meter Manned Submersible Pressure Vessel to Explore Titanic Shipwreck.

Cyclops 2 will reach over 50% of the ocean to increase human exploration of the undersea world.

Everett, WA - August 22, 2017 – OceanGate, Inc. has completed construction and assembly of the titanium and carbon fiber wound pressure vessel of Cyclops 2, the newest addition to its fleet of deep sea manned submersibles, in preparation for the first human exploration of the Titanic shipwreck since 2005.

“Construction of Cyclops 2 is a significant step in advancing human exploration of the ocean. When completed, it will be the only privately owned submersible in the world that can take five people to depths of 4000 meters,” said Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate.

The pressure vessel is comprised of two titanium hemispheres, two matching titanium rings, and a 56” diameter, 100” long carbon fiber wound cylinder – the largest such device ever built for use in a manned submersible. In this latest milestone event, the two titanium rings were permanently bonded to the ends of the carbon fiber wound center cylinder to form the core of the pressure vessel.

“The bonding of the titanium rings to the carbon fiber cylinder is a major milestone in the construction of Cyclops 2. The accuracy of the alignment and the integrity of the bonds were critical to maintaining exacting engineering tolerances”, said Tony Nissen, OceanGate’s Director of Engineering. “The precision we achieved guarantees that we have solid foundation to work with as we continue assembly of the sub.”

Following delivery of the three main components at OceanGate’s engineering and operations facility in Everett, Washington, the team will install the electronics, navigation and life support systems. Most of these systems to be used on Cyclops 2 are currently in use on Cyclops 1, OceanGate’s submersible that can dive to depths of 500 meters. The first in-water validation test dives for Cyclops 2 are planned for Fall 2017 with deep water dives to be conducted in early 2018 in preparation for the Titanic Survey Expedition scheduled to begin in June 2018.

About OceanGate, Inc.:

OceanGate, Inc. is a privately held company based in Everett, Washington that owns and operates manned submersible services for industry, research, and exploration. Founded in 2009, the company currently owns and operates two 5-person submersibles to provide deep sea access for underwater site survey and inspection, scientific research and data collection, technology testing, and film production.

See a video of the assembly: Bonding the Titanium Ring and the Carbon Fiber Hull.