Past Expeditions

OceanGate Expeditions provide turnkey submersible experiences. From extensive dive planning and logistics, to comprehensive surface operations, our expeditions offer direct observation to pre-determined dive sites throughout the globe.

Salish Sea Survey Expedition

Friday Harbor, Washington - Summer 2018

What do red urchins, Pacific sand lances and scientific trawling of the seafloor have in common? All three exist at depths beyond the reach of even the most skilled scuba divers, making direct observation by scientists and researchers very difficult. Fortunately, as part of an annual competitive grant program...Read More ››

Greater Farallones Survey Expedition

Drakes Bay, Alcatraz Island & San Francisco, California - October 2016

OceanGate Inc. and OceanGate Foundation conducted the second phase of the Eye on the Sanctuaries Tour with an expedition to the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary near San Francisco, California. The goal of this week-long expedition was to use the 5‑man submersible Cyclops 1 to expand our collective understanding of the distribution and abundance of deep-sea fish, corals and sponges...Read More ››

Eye On The Sancturies

Multiple Locations - September-October 2016

During the Eye on the Sanctuaries Tour OceanGate embarked on a series of submersible expeditions across the United States. During these planned expeditions to three coasts, the team of crew, sponsors, partners and experts conducted dives to 500 meters (1640 feet), performed educational outreach, and hosted custom events for supporters, media, and the general public. Read More ››

Andrea Doria Survey Expedition

Approximately 50 miles south of Nantucket, Massachusetts - June 2-9, 2016

OceanGate was contracted to provide a manned submersible and a marine operations team on an expedition to survey the iconic wreck of the Andrea Doria, an Italian flagged passenger liner that sank near Nantucket after colliding with the Stockholm, a Swedish passenger vessel outbound from New York. Read More ››

Flower Garden Banks

Gulf of Mexico - August 2015

In August 2015, the OceanGate crew mobilized from Everett, Washington to conduct a multi-week expedition to the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in the Gulf of Mexico. The primary objective of the expedition was to conduct extensive testing of the company’s new Mobile Subsea Launch and Recovery System (MSLARS), to launch Cyclops 1, a 5-man submersible with a maximum depth of 500 meters. Read More ››

Sixgill Shark Survey: Elliott Bay

Elliott Bay. Seattle, Washington - July 22 – 23, 2014

Working in partnership with the OceanGate Foundation and Discovery Channel's Daily Planet, OceanGate dove in Elliott Bay with local rap singer and ocean advocate Ben Haggerty, better known as Macklemore to find the elusive sixgill sharks that roam the deep waters in Puget Sound...Read More ››

Lionfish Expedition

South Florida - June 2013

Lionfish populations have expanded throughout the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico and threaten native reef ecosystems. The introduction of an exotic species with no natural predators threatens to destabilize the delicate natural balance of our local waters. OceanGate's professional crew, supplemented by leading researchers and select expedition participants, will execute at least four dives over two days utilizing a high power fish collection system to capture lionfish. Read More ››

Miami Expedition 2012

Miami, Florida - April-October 2012

After expanding operations to Miami, Florida in 2012 to meet growing demand from East Coast and Caribbean clients, OceanGate began a seven-month-long expedition to explore the Miami-Dade County Artificial Reefs, the largest such program in the nation, covering more than 90 acres of marine habitat. OceanGate’s flagship submersible Antipodes served as a platform for gathering video, photographs and sonar data on the deep-water flora and fauna of the reefs, which had previously been inaccessible to researchers. Read More ››

2012 Monterey Bay Expedition

Monterey Bay, California - September 2012

The 2012 Monterey Expedition highlighted OceanGate’s ability to call upon its team’s wide range of talents in order to create customized, comprehensive manned-submersible solutions for clients, partners, and associates. It was also a great opportunity to connect with many different stakeholders involved with ocean filmmaking and conservation, and to spread our mission of opening the oceans. Read More ››

2011 Monterey Bay Expedition

Monterey Bay, California - September 2011

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is one of the largest protected marine areas in the world. In October of 2011, the OceanGate team conducted a 30-day expedition to assist the OceanGate Foundation with a series of submarine dives and community outreach events for local students, educators and the general public, providing opportunities for teachers, students and supporters to personally experience the undersea world. Read More ››

Search for the SS Dix

Elliott Bay, Seattle, Washington - July 2011

Using a remotely operated vehicle and a five-passenger submersible, a team of local explorers has discovered a shipwreck in Seattle's Elliott Bay that is near the location where the SS Dix is believed to have sunk in 1906 and has not been seen since. The tragic sinking of the Dix is considered the worst maritime disaster in Puget Sound. Read More ››

SS Governor Expedition

Elliott Bay, Seattle, Washington - July 2011

OceanGate team successfully performed four dives to the SS Governor, a 417-foot passenger liner at a depth of 240 feet in Admiralty Inlet about one mile from Port Townsend, Washington. Diving to the SS Governor is considered very challenging due to the depth, currents, and the fact that she lies in the primary shipping lanes entering Puget Sound. The difficult dive conditions have left the Governor virtually unexplored over the last 90 years. Read More ››

Catalina Island Expedition

Santa Catalina Island, California - September-October 2010

Fulfilling our mission to inspire, explore and discover, OceanGate collaborated with the Undersea Voyager Project during a two-week exploration of the waters around Catalina Island. During the expedition, the CALUV team hosted four researchers from local universities who were supported by five Mission Specialists and five Youth Ambassadors from area schools. Read More ››

A.J. Goddard Expedition

Lake Laberge, Yukon Territory, Canada - June 2010

OceanGate and BlueView Technologies helped to produce the first high-resolution, 3D digital model of a perfectly preserved, 100-year-old steamboat. In June 2010, using a new sonar scanning system provided by BlueView Technologies and OceanGate, the survey, which would have taken years to complete using traditional underwater archaeology techniques, took only days. Read More ››