MT6 - Sixgill Shark Dive in Puget Sound with OceanGate Foundation

Expanding awareness and inspiring further understanding of our regions deep sea life

Another beautiful Seattle morning greeted team members from OceanGate, Inc. and personnel from The OceanGate Foundation as we prepared our 300 meter, 5-person submersible, Antipodes for a day of diving in Elliott Bay, on Puget Sound to find rare sixgill sharks at 400 feet and inspect the wreck of a sunken railroad car barge.

Antipodes being launched at Pier 66.

Every expedition represents a unique opportunity for the team as we figure out launch and recovery logistics, water access and crew support. In order to get Antipodes in to the water from a busy downtown street, we hired a heavy lift crane from Ford Crane and ported her right over the side of the main pier. Not something you see every day in downtown Seattle.

It seems our visit may have interrupted a large Dungeness crab staking his claim on the top of the main bait bag.

After safely offloading Antipodes into Elliott Bay, the team prepared for its first dive with VIP members from the OceanGate Foundation to inspect the sunken MT6 railcar wreck and hopefully sight a juvenile sixgill shark feeding on bait traps set in the area. We attracted lots of sea creatures, whom busily fed on our bait ball.

A large 3D image appears on one of two flat screen monitors inside the sub, xrew members watched attentively while we monitored movements and images on our Blueview Sonar.

The entire day proved exciting and engaging for our crew and visitors. After multiple dives of approximately 3 hours each, the team was able to view a juvenile sixgill shark as well as get up close and survey the wreck of a rail car barge lost to the deep sea in the early 1950s.

Happy submariners at the dock after another successful dive!

Using Blueview Sonar Technology from Teledyne, we are able to clearly and accurately identify underwater objects and sea life despite poor visibility.