Oceans 2012 MTS/IEEE Hampton Roads

This past week OceanGate team members Erika Montague and Erika Bergman attended OCEANS 2012 MTS/IEEE Hampton Roads at the Virginia Beach Conference Center. The Nation’s first convention center to earn LEED® Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, this location was aptly-chosen for OCEANS 2012’s theme, Harnessing the Power of the Ocean, which included many presentations about marine renewable energy captured from wave and wind power. The conference theme, derived from Admiral James D. Watkins vision of ocean stewardship, identifies seven societal benefits:

  • Improving predictions of climate change and weather, their effects on coastal communities and the nation
  • Improving the safety and efficiency of marine operations
  • Mitigating the effects of natural hazards
  • Improving national and homeland security
  • Reducing public health risks
  • Protecting and restoring healthy coastal marine ecosystems
  • Enabling the sustained use of marine resources

At OceanGate, our goal is to provide access to the ocean’s vast resources for exploration, research and monitoring with manned submersibles in order to promote a greater understanding of the oceans. This mission and related activities only help to build upon the ideas outlined by ADM Watkins.

Teledyne BlueView displays their 3D sonar head. OceanGate is able to produce great results using a similar set up for our manned submersible Antipodes.

During the conference, we networked with many of the industry’s leading providers of underwater technology—from acoustic imaging to support vehicles. Several vendors at OCEANS 2012 were keen to learn more about OceanGate and how manned submersibles could complement their existing platforms for device deployment, operation, and recovery. We were also excited to learn more about the further development of existing technologies already used by OceanGate, such as Teledyne BlueView’s 3D multibeam sonar head.

OceanGate’s Sub Pilot, Erika Bergman, Presenting “Translating the Ocean Sciences for a Global Audience”.

OceanGate submersible pilot, Erika Bergman, presented her talk titled “Manned Submersibles: Translating the ocean sciences for a global audience” in the Vehicle Design session. Erika highlighted the benefits which manned submersibles provide the underwater storyteller, including historical and personal examples of discoveries made possible by direct observation in the deep-ocean environment. (Erika’s paper can be read in .pdf format here.) Audience members provided positive feedback and shared enthusiasm at the idea of one day conducting more collaborative work in-situ and at depth. One attendee commented on the value of working with data real-time in a collaborative capacity during missions to respond quickly and opportunistically to events of interest.

After a highly productive week with the ocean technology community, OceanGate is excited to discuss and evaluate applications of the latest innovations for our mission of opening the oceans with manned submersible solutions. Be sure to look for OceanGate at the OCEANS 2013 conference in San Diego!