Monterey Expedition 2012: Week 1

OceanGate recently completed an expedition to Monterey, CA that required the team to deliver a diverse set of manned submersible solutions for clients, partners, and associates. The Monterey Expedition 2012 highlighted OceanGate’s ability to call upon the team’s wide range of talents in order to create customized, comprehensive solutions. It was also a great opportunity to connect with many different stakeholders involved with ocean filmmaking and conservation and spread our mission of opening the oceans.

OceanGate at BLUE Ocean Film Festival
Photo: Fabio Esteban Amador.

OceanGate Lifting DeepFlight Challenger in Newport, CA.

The first week of the Monterey Expedition 2012 was centered on OceanGate’s multiple roles and responsibilities as a sponsor of BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Event and lead for the 2012 DeepBLUE Initiative. Prior to the event, OceanGate coordinated logistics for the three manned submersible operators that would be displaying a sub along with OceanGate. By the time the BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Event was underway, the OceanGate team had successfully coordinated delivery and staging of four of the world’s most unique vehicles for undersea exploration to the Portola Hotel.

Students Tour Antipodes Interior with OceanGate Sub Pilot Erika Bergman.

During the BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Event, OceanGate’s Antipodes was on display for both the event’s attendees and the general public. OceanGate spread the its mission of opening the oceans with manned submersibles to a large number of filmmakers, conservationists, researchers, policy makers and the local community. This arrangement ensured that OceanGate was able to host to a wide-array of individuals interested in manned submersibles and ocean-related issues.

In addition to the display of Antipodes, OceanGate’s co-founder, Guillermo Söhnlein, spearheaded the 2012 DeepBLUE Initiative and lead a panel discussion titled, “All the World’s a Stage: Filmmakers Front Seat to the Ocean Depths.” Co-panelists included, John Lewis of Sub Aviator Systems, Karl Stanley of Roatan Institute of Deepsea Exploration, and Bob Talbot. The unique backgrounds and experiences each panelist had with sub design and functionality, enabled them to discuss specific capability offered by particular subs along with compelling reasons why manned submersibles are superior platforms for certain missions. For example, Guillermo and John explained how Antipodes’ large, open interior makes her ideal for interviews, while the Super Aviator’s design enables her to follow pelagics over great distances. Matching the appropriate tool to a job can often be a difficult task. Guillermo and the panel did an excellent job explaining the diverse set of benefits manned submersibles offer during underwater film making.

Jackson Browne in Antipodes
Photo: Fabio Esteban Amador.

The staff at BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Event have created an incredible week-long program that is attended by many of the most influential, interesting and important people involved with ocean exploration and conservation. As our friend Fabio Esteban Amador, explains in the NatGeo Explorer’s Journal post, Deep Blue Rendezvous Submersible Alley, BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Event has become… “a gathering of experts and explorers…and the future of ocean exploration.”

OceanGate Co-Founders, Guillermo and Stockton, Launching Antipodes.

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