Manned Submersible Delivery and Staging

OceanGate is a company built for mobility. Specialized assets, such as the manned submersible Antipodes, are cared-for by a small team of cross trained operations staff called Sub Expeditionary Units (SEU). SEU’s can be deployed with containerized assets to perform field operations. Technology adaptations, plus the aforementioned business architecture affords OceanGate the ability to provide fast, cost effective deployment of manned submersibles.

OceanGate’s co-founder and COO, Guillermo, recently blogged about the 2012 DeepBLUE Initiative, noting that the historic event brought together some of the most innovative technologies for exploring and studying the sea: manned submersibles. As a sponsor of BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Event and a coordinator for the 2012 DeepBLUE Initiative, OceanGate was called upon to bring four of the world’s most intriguing underwater vehicles to the Portola Hotel in Monterey, California.

The resulting solution? OceanGate’s SEU-Antipodes coordinating with a diverse range of clients, partners and friends to safely deliver and stage the following manned submersibles at the Portola Hotel: