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Stockton Rush Completes Titan's 4000 Meter Manned Validation Dive: December 10, 2018

OceanGate is thrilled to announce that CEO and Founder, Stockton Rush, completed Titan’s 4000 meter validation dive. Not only did this dive completely validate OceanGate's innovative....

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Titan Bahamas Deep Dive Test: June 27, 2018

The OceanGate team has achieved a major milestone, and a world first. Yesterday, our engineering and operations teams successfully tested Titan to her design depth of 4000 meters (13,123 feet)....

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Titan Bahamas Deep Dive Test: June 4, 2018

Our decision to reschedule the Titanic Survey Expedition to 2019 hasn’t slowed the OceanGate Operations team down. Over the last two weeks the team shifted their focus and...

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Titan Bahamas Deep Dive Test: May 16, 2018

Despite working overtime the last three weeks to battle Mother Nature and an onslaught of unseasonably lousy and windy conditions, plus repairing lightning damage that affected over 70%...

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Titan Bahamas Deep Dive Test: May 8, 2018

Following a week of intense weather, the team faced a new set of challenges in week two on Great Abaco Island. Late in the afternoon on Monday, April 30th, Titan was...

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Titan Bahamas Deep Dive Test: April 29, 2018

Our team is settling into island life, and despite some significant weather challenges during our first week, we are pleased to share...

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Cyclops 2 Model Pressure Test Insights

When OceanGate began the Cyclops project there were three main areas of innovation we planned to pursue...

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Cyclops 2 Scale Model Successfully Tested to 6000 psi

On February 8, 2016, the OceanGate team conducted a second pressure test of a 1/3 scale model of the manned submersible, Cyclops 2.

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Pressure Test #1 of Cyclops 2 Scale Model

In late December 2015, the OceanGate team conducted a pressure test of a 1/3 scale model of the manned submersible, Cyclops 2.

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Submersible dives in Elliott Bay

During the third week of June, the OceanGate crew treated Seattle area students and media to rare glimpses of the depths of Elliott Bay during four dives to a maximum depth of 450 feet.

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Scientists Shed Light on Deep-water Atlantic Canyons

A new video, Atlantic Canyons: Pathways to the Abyss, documents a three-year collaboration between BOEM, USGS and NOAA to explore two deepwater canyons off the US mid-Atlantic coast.

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MT6 - Sixgill Shark Dive with OceanGate Foundation

Another beautiful Seattle morning greeted team members from OceanGate, Inc. and personnel from The OceanGate Foundation as we prepared our 300 meter, 5-person submersible, Antipodes for a day of diving in Elliott Bay...

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OceanGate and University of Washington Public-Private Collaboration

Over the last two years, OceanGate, Inc. has worked closely with the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Lab to collaborate on the design, development and launch of Cyclops 1, OceanGate’s new 5-man submersible. This unique partnership...

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Submersible Technology: Gaming meets the Deep Blue Sea

The next time you sit down to play a rousing game of Call of Duty or Halo, think about the gaming device you use that makes the experience possible. Can you imagine...

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Battelle 360-Degree Camera Test Dive

Seeing the undersea world in 360-degree view is something that’s often been discussed but hard to execute without significant investment of time and resources. However, with recent advances in high definition cameras...

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Cyclops 1 Test Dives

Over a year of planning, many months of dedicated assembly, fabrication, design review, and integration of critical systems components finally culminated in the successful launch and initial sea trials of OceanGate’s latest manned submersible, Cyclops 1 at...

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Oceangate Partners With UW Applied Physics Lab

When it comes to innovative partnerships and creative collaboration, the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Lab and OceanGate, Inc. represent a truly unique approach to working together...

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Searching for Sixgill Sharks in Puget Sound: Part 2

Working in partnership with the OceanGate Foundation and Discovery Channel/Daily Planet, we successfully launched and dove in Elliott Bay with local rap singer and ocean advocate Ben Haggerty, better known as Macklemore...

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Searching for Sixgill Sharks in Puget Sound: Part I

After weeks of work and training, our team is prepared for a major client dive with a local, well respected celebrity whose keen interest and understanding of sixgill sharks will take us down over 400 feet in Elliot Bay...

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Field Trip to Naval History and Heritage Command's Underwater Archaeology Branch

OceanGate was thrilled to visit the Naval History & Heritage Command's Underwater Archaeology Branch last Friday. OGI's Chief Marketing Officer Colleen Hahn and Chiara Parlagreco ...

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June 2013 Expeditions

In June 2013, the OceanGate team and flagship submersible Antipodes completed a series of successful expeditions in three separate bodies of water across the contiguous United States. The focus of the expeditions’ dives ranged from...

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Antipodes Special Survey Underway

Over the next few months OceanGate’s flagship submersible Antipodes will undergo a comprehensive special survey under the guidance of VP of Operations Chris Hartman. This survey, a standard practice every three years for submersibles, is ...

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New Frontiers

OceanGate kicked off the new year with the acquisition of a new submersible, Lula, a move to a new operational facility in Woodinville, Washington, and...

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Reflections on 2012, Looking Forward at 2013

With 2013 upon us, it’s a natural time to look back at OceanGate’s path over the past year, and to reflect on the successes and learning moments of our team, company, and community.

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Underwater Intervention 2013

OceanGate is kicking off the New Year in New Orleans, where we are participating this week at Underwater Intervention 2013, the combined annual conference of the Association of Diving Contractors International and the Marine Technology Society’s ROV Committee.

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Miami Expedition 2012

The construction of artificial reefs off Miami’s coast began in the 1920s, when an abandoned vessel was intentionally sunk offshore to create a new fishing ground. Between 1969 and 1980, as many as 31 large vessels and other artificial reef materials were sunk off the coast.

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OCEANS 2012 MTS/IEEE Hamption Roads

This past week OceanGate team members Erika Montague and Erika Bergman attended OCEANS 2012 MTS/IEEE Hampton Roads at the Virginia Beach Conference Center. The Nation’s first convention center to earn LEED® Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, this location was aptly-chosen for...

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Monterey Expedition 2012 - Week 2

Building upon the collaborative momentum among submersible operators started at the 2012 DeepBLUE Initiative, OceanGate’s second week in Monterey provided a chance to connect with a diverse group of stakeholders during a week of diving.

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Monterey Expedition 2012 - Week 1

OceanGate recently completed an expedition to Monterey, CA that required the team to deliver a diverse set of manned submersible solutions for clients, partners, and associates. The Monterey Expedition 2012 highlighted OceanGate’s ability to call upon the team’s wide range of talents in order to create customized, comprehensive solutions.

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Manned Submersible Delivery and Staging

OceanGate is a company built for mobility. Specialized assets, such as the manned submersible Antipodes, are cared-for by a small team of cross trained operations staff called Sub Expeditionary Units (SEU). SEU’s can be deployed with containerized assets to perform field operations.

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2012 DeepBLUE Initiative

The stage is set for a truly historic event: four private submarines will be on display this week for the duration of the BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Event in Monterey, California.

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BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Event

Earlier this week, OceanGate arrived in California, marking the kick-off of the 2012 Monterey Expedition. To begin the expedition, OceanGate is attending the BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Event as a sponsor. This event...

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